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  • Full gear adjust (front and rear) – £18
  • Full gear service & alignment including replacement of cables (inner and outer plus all ferrules) – £35

Puncture Repair – £18

If you would like me to come and fix a puncture by fitting a new inner tube the total charge will be – £18

New Season Service – £25

If your bicycle has been lying idle in the garage for a while and is looking a little tired, this is the service for you.  It includes a tyre check/inflation, brakes check/alignment and gears check/alignment, chain cleaned and lubed as well as an ‘M check’.

Full Annual Service – £69*

This service will get your bike feeling new and ready for another year of hassle free riding. If you use your bike regularly, an annual service is very necessary to prolong the life of your components and to ensure that everything is still functioning as it should. It includes hub service, wheel truing, bottom bracket service,  headset service, inner and outer cable replacement, brake alignment, tyre check, all bearings checked and replaced/re-greased as necessary, headset/steering check test ride and wipe down.

*An additional £5 is charged if your bicycle has full internal cable routing.

Bike from a Box Assembly – £25

If you have bought a bike that has been supplied to you in a box, I can put it together for you.

Bike Valet – £25

Full degrease, lube and polish (all external parts only).

Component Replacement

Depending on the component, prices vary but I do have a minimum charge of £18 if any work is carried out. Here are a few examples:

  • headset – £10
  • replace stem – £10
  • replace handlebar tape – £10 (plus cost of tape)
  • replace saddle – £5


  • brake adjust – £10
  • brake cable replacement (all cables replaced front and rear, inner and outer) – £24
  • hydraulic brake bleed – £25 (or £15 for one)
  • brake caliper replacement – £15


  • wheel truing – £18 per wheel (£20 for both wheels)
  • wheel build – Please call and speak to me for full details
  • replacement spoke fix- £23
  • hub cone adjust/tighten – £5 per wheel
  • hub service – £15 per wheel


If there is a service you require that is not on the list please get in touch and mention it.

I have a standard minimum charge of  £18 if any work is agreed or undertaken during a callout.

Standard workshop labour is charged at £25 per hour but I work out prices on a  job by job basis and always try my utmost to stick to the original quote.